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Blackjack SG PRO


"Blackjack SG PRO" - More Features than the Free version..What is different in this version compared to the free version?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NO ADS.-New Additional Art! (Extra Table(s)/Room(s) Art Only in PRO)-Improved Camera View/extra room from removing ADS-Extra Camera Option (Pull Back)-$5,000 Starting Cash bonus for all practice modes ($10,000)-$5,000 Starting Cash bonus for Career Mode ($10,000)-Extra Xp Awarded for: Max Bet Down-Other Tables Unlock FASTER! (Needed Xp is lowered in PRO)-Facebook Bonus (Much Higher in PRO)-Additional features are coming ONLY to PRO.-Support the developer so we can continue to bring you updates-Additional features coming soon. We bring you unlimited fun with unlimited chips. No more waiting hours to get more chips to continue your Blackjack adventure! When you run out of chips you can just start a new game! Right then! No waiting! We have included two modes of play to get the party started. Practice Mode gives you a bunch of chips and lets you play away without the worry of losing everything. Standard Mode puts the game into a career style play where you earn XP and build up your bank account. Additional modes of play are planned.
There are currently NO options to buy any chips in this game, because you don't need to. We give you what you need to have hours of fun.
If you have any problems or issues with the game , please email us. NOT to be used for any commercial purposes without permission.